As a community interest company, our work is only possible with kind donations, membership and successful funding applications. You can read more about our upcoming projects below;

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Our 2024 Projects

Peer Mentorship Programme

Our Peer Mentorship Programme is designed with the primary objective of providing valuable opportunities for individuals aged 16-17 or those in the NEET community. This initiative aims to enable them to acquire essential skills and garner practical work experience, thereby enhancing their CV. The mentors participating in the program will undergo training to guide and support younger children. This mentoring process will be organised through a well-structured program, overseen by responsible adults.

Membership Programmes for Teachers and Parents

'Children's wellbeing and achievement starts with the adult in the room'

Phase I - Educators

The Teacher Membership Programme has been specifically designed with the well-being of busy and stressed educators at its core. Our objective is to cultivate a supportive community full of resources dedicated to enhancing teacher well-being. We will host a monthly LIVE well-being support session for our members and encourage educators to take advantage of our community chat room. 

By offering a range of skills and strategies, we aim to alleviate feelings of overwhelm and empower teachers to navigate the challenges of their roles more effectively. These acquired skills can also be shared with their students, fostering a secure environment where the prioritisation of well-being contributes to a conducive learning atmosphere. 

As the saying goes, 'Happy children learn easily.'

Phase II - Parents

After the successful launch of the Teacher Membership Programme, we will introduce our Parents Membership. As parents ourselves, we deeply understand the challenges that accompany parenthood.

Our overarching goal is to foster a nurturing community, brimming with resources dedicated to enhancing the well-being of parents. To facilitate this, we will hold a monthly live well-being support session exclusively for our members, and we actively encourage parents to utilise our community chat room for additional support.

By providing a diverse array of skills and strategies, our aim is to mitigate feelings of overwhelm and empower parents to navigate the complexities of parenthood with greater ease. Furthermore, these acquired skills have the potential to enhance relationships with other significant individuals in your life.

Sponsored Tuition and Therapeutic Coaching

Sadly, many children who stand to gain from tuition or therapeutic coaching often find themselves unable to access these services due to their socio-economic status. At Well-Edu, we firmly advocate for equal opportunities for EVERY child, irrespective of their circumstances. Through your generous donations, we can extend our reach to any child in need of support, providing them with the same opportunities in life as their peers.